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(Distance Education & Online Training)

Long-distance education is now more efficient, more effective, and more enjoyable than ever before with Priority Meeting™.

With zero participant installation needed, Priority Meeting Suite provides an intuitive, affordable online training platform so you can teach students quickly and easily from anywhere in the world without forfeiting the more social aspects of the student-teacher relationship -- an educational component we know is vital to learning.

Educational Tools

  • Conduct regularly scheduled online classes
  • Create an online training center
  • Make presentations
  • Monitor who is online
  • Send messages to one another
  • Web coaching
  • Share files
  • Host or attend webinars
  • Video conferencing

Online Learning at its Best

Online learning is a powerful and profitable tool. It engages students to ensure vital information is assimilated and understood while all but eliminating travel costs and other related expenses.

Universities, schools and businesses all over the world are taking advantage of this important Internet service, where virtual classrooms mean any number of students or employees can be taught or trained at the same time no matter where they are.

The online training classroom makes e- learning a more worthwhile, practical, appealing, affordable method of teaching. Interactive online teaching returns a stronger impact than merely reading instructions or displaying a training video because students are kept alert on a task, given a chance to pose questions and communicate with each other.

How it Works

Priority Meeting Suite makes it easy to engage in live interactive learning experiences. During virtual training, participants can ask instructors questions and get answers in real time. Depending on the specific class, students and other participants often get course materials emailed in advance and can follow along during the lesson.

In many cases, PowerPoint slides are used during the presentation, but our interactive format means instructors can surf the Internet, show videos and even conduct polls. With many indispensable tools at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. There is little doubt, Priority Meeting Suite provides the ultimate Internet web conferencing solution.